High Output Hydrogen Generators

We make Hydrogen Generators for many applications.

This unit is a High Output Unit that will greatly enhance gas and diesel engines.

The HHO output of this unit is:

2 LPM (liters per minute) at 15 Amps

It is strongly suggested that you use a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) so the unit will not over heat. The Pulse Width Modulator pulses the amps delivered to the hydrogen generator and keep it from getting too hot.

Electrolyte is sold online at a few places and everyone thinks they have the best one. Potassium chloride is the best electrolyte for hho production and needs to be cut with an agent to keep it from foaming up if you don’t have a bubbler unit inline with your setup.

I use both an electrolyte with no foam build up and a bubbler because you do not want to have any potassium chloride to get into your engine and start to break down your internal parts.

Similar units are sold online. We are not the best and do not have a complex problem or bs to sell you. There are many good units out there but we do know this:

We condition all of our 316 stainless steel plates both with the cross hatching and chemical cleaning needed to run a clean, high output system.

The plates and all parts are 316 stainless steel without compromise (304 stainless will not stand up to the harsh electrolyte)

The sch 40 pvc (clear and white) withstands temperatures up to 140 degrees safely. (you need to place this unit in a well ventilated location to help keep it cool)

We test each unit and make sure they have the output specified before shipping them out.

We also have a 30 day return or exchange policy for any unforeseen issues (you will be treated as we would expect to be treated)


16 plate High output cell $150

Number of Units

 16 Plate High Output HHO Generator