Hydrogen Generator Plans – Turn Your Vehicle Into A Hybrid and Double Your Mileage

Welcome to Hydrogen Pros where you can learn all about Hydrogen HHO Generation and how to use it in your vehicle or other application.

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Build a Hydrogen HHO Generator with these step-by-step pictured set of plans for 19 different Hydrogen Generators.

For Those Of Us Interested in Keeping OUR Planet GREEN making steps like this will lessen your carbon footprint and your dependency on the oil companies.


Hydrogen Generation has been around for many years and is not new technology by any means. The first HHO-On-Demand devices paved the way for the much more efficient and slim devices we use on our cars today, and made some of the larger, industrial generators more efficient to where they can run the electrical needs of entire buildings.

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This HHO Hydrogen Generator Ultra-Pack

will guide you through the world of hydrogen generators and devices used with them to help you modify your vehicle and get the most in mileage gains, or use a Hydrogen Generator to power a building, lawnmower, motorcycle, forklift, etc.